We Were the Lost Boys and Girls of Sudan

Founders Jacob Atem and Lual Deng Awan shared a vision to build a health clinic in their home village of Maar in South Sudan.

The Southern Sudan Healthcare Organization was built with this vision in mind: To bring health and hope to where it was lost.

Mission Statement

To provide healthcare services, medical supplies and education to uplift the people of South Sudan and bring hope to where it is lost.


To continue treating and providing healthcare services to those who visit our clinic in Maar.

To form and maintain relationships that allow for a steady flow of funds to ensure our patients receive the highest quality healthcare.

To provide resources and funding to South Sudanese individuals hoping to pursue careers in the medical field to ensure wider access to healthcare across the country.

To build clinics that will focus on maternal healthcare to provide the best future for women and their children.

Health Knows No Boundaries

Bringing health and hope to where it is lost.

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