2015: A Year in Review for SSHCO

2015: A Year in Review for SSHCO

Last year, Southern Sudan Healthcare Organization (SSHCO) met a number of milestones as an organization. From launching a new website to visiting elementary and high schools, SSHCO has continued to pursue its vision. Let’s recap some of those major strides the organization took in 2015.

On October 13, 2015, the new SSHCO website was launched. The website significantly improves the organization’s ability to communicate with stakeholders around the world. The History page tells the inspiring stories of Jacob Atem and Lual Awan, “Lost Boys” and co-founders of SSHCO, and how their vision led to the founding of the nonprofit. The Events section provides an opportunity for stakeholders to stay engaged in initiatives and updated on activities. Also, the new website features a new donation management system that makes the donation process quicker and easier.

Last year, CEO Jacob Atem actively engaged colleagues, students, and healthcare professionals throughout Florida and Georgia for numerous speaking engagements. Notable engagements included a movie screening of “The Good Lie” at the Covey Film Festival. Jacob was invited as a special guest to lead a question-and-answer session for the event. Jacob was also the keynote speaker for the Gator Global Film Initiative Conference, an annual conference that works to inspire social change among the UF student community. Another noteworthy engagement is the Florida Connected Conference, a gathering for educators to discuss the value of global education. Jacob was among many distinguished speakers, including Gainesville mayor Ed Braddy and the 2014 Florida Teacher of the Year recipient Dorina Sackman.

SSHCO will continue to build upon a successful 2015. From January 30-February 1, 2016, Jacob attended the Lemkin Summit: A Gathering of the Next Generation of Human Rights Defenders. He engaged in discussions on advocating for the end of genocides and mass atrocities. The three-day event, held in Washington D.C., enabled community leaders and social activists to connect and collaborate on global issues. Further, the conference allowed Jacob to network with other stakeholders in social change, including human rights activist John Prendergast and representatives from the White House. These connections have the potential to inspire more peace advocacy for South Sudan.
SSHCO has an active year planned for 2016. Check this blog for updates on the organization and the state of affairs in South Sudan.


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