On July 9, 2011, the world’s youngest nation was formed. South Sudan gained independence from Sudan following a 22-year-long civil war – the longest in Africa’s history. Among the many devastating effects on the country, over 4 million people were displaced, including the 40,000 “Lost Boys of Sudan.” In 2013, the newly formed nation once again broke out into war, forcing another 2.2 million refugees to flee their homes before a provisional peace agreement was signed in 2015. Every day, people in South Sudan confront the hardships that plague their war-torn country; however, resilience is the lifeblood of their nation.

The diverse people of South Sudan have great pride in their newly formed country, and they are fighting to establish order and harmony. South Sudan has roughly 7.5-10 million people and is comprised of many tribes and religions. The Southern Sudan Healthcare Organization is located in the small, rural village of Maar. Now more than ever, South Sudan’s people are relying on the clinic and its mission: bringing health and hope to where it is lost.

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Bringing health and hope to where it is lost.

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