Nestled between the Central African Republic and Ethiopia, South Sudan is one of Africa’s most diverse and culturally rich nations, with a population of 7.5-10 million people and more than 60 major ethnic groups. It is also the world’s youngest nation. South Sudan gained independence from Sudan on July 9th, 2011, putting an end to a 22-year-long civil war, the longest in Africa’s history. The effects of the conflict were devastating and enduring, resulting in the displacement of 4 million people, including the 40,000 “Lost Boys of Sudan”.

Unfortunately, independence did not end strife in Sudan – war broke out once again in 2013, forcing an addition 2.2 million refugees to flee their homes.

Southern Sudan continues to strive to achieve lasting peace within its borders. A power-sharing agreement was signed in August 2018 as an attempt to bring the five-year civil war to an end.

As the newly-formed country progresses, The Southern Sudanese people – 80% of which live in rural areas -- need consistent and proper healthcare.

The Southern Sudan Healthcare Organization, located in the rural village of Maar, aims to build communities and strengthen health and educational opportunities.

Our mission is simple: improve the lives of Sudanese citizens and provide Sudan a better future.

Health Knows No Boundaries

Bringing health and hope to where it is lost.

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