The Southern Sudan Healthcare Organization (SSHCO) was started by two of the Lost Boys of Sudan in 2008. It opened its Maar clinic in 2012 and a mobile clinic in the Mongalla displacement camp in 2020. Its goal is to bring health and hope to where it is lost. It has six pillars that guide its work in South Sudan.

In 2022, it built an education center for primary children. Its agricultural expert helps families learn best practices in farming so that they can have food security during the dry seasons. Providing saving loans groups help provide livelihoods for families and helps the community become self-sufficient. Working together with the community and its leaders will help develop a community that can govern itself.

The floods of 2020 that devastated half of South Sudan, taught SSHCO to have plans in place so that it can act quickly to assist the people in the times of crisis. 

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The non profit Southern Sudan Healthcare Organization seeks volunteers who want to make a difference for people in South Sudan, the poorest country on earth according to Forbes (2023), by sharing their expertise. The needs in South Sudan are vast, and people with expertise in a wide range of skills are great assets to the organization. Your contact information will never be shared with any other entity. We will contact you for advice and consultation on how you can volunteer, remotely or in person, to help the SSHCO fulfill our mission of bringing health, education and hope to where it is lost. Thank you.

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SSHCO Six Pillars

doctors working on a patient in South Sudan


Since its creation, the clinic has provided unprecedented levels of healthcare to the people in Maar and the  surrounding areas. The clinic has provided thousands of people with a better life.

Food Security/ Agriculture

Our world leaders have consistently identified both healthcare and food security  as the two greatest risk factors in South Sudan. SSHCO exist as an organization to bring health and hope to where it  is lost, and basic nutritional needs are fundamentally intertwined with this mission.

girl in South Sudan getting an education


EDUCATION: Project S.U.C.C.E.S.S. is working with SSHCO to help provide this key pillar and establish a school in the displacement camp that can serve the children and be a model for using technology is creative ways.

South Sudan women working

Economic Development

Economic development will be achieved through partnerships with local community members. These partnerships are designed to create sustainable small businesses that promote a healthy local economy, which will eventually fuel funding to our clinic.


The historic flooding of 2020 made SSHCO realize that it needed to have plans in place to mobilize its staff and resources quickly for any future emergency. This could include flooding, tribal violence, COVID-19, other medical crisis, or famine.

community of South Sudanese people


This pillar includes the improvement of regional security measures, small business support, and  planning for a new community in the displacement camp.